Survival Festival Guide

1 - Before you go

- Weather forecast: Check the weather forecast. If there is any possibility of rain during the festival, then do not forget to pack your wellies, you will definitely need them! Most festival sites are built on grass, so any drop from the sky will make the ground very muddy.

- Timetables: Try and print out a few timetables, if they’re available. Then you won't miss any of your favourite acts.

- Videos: YouTube is really useful before the festival. Check the line-up and try to YouTube a few of the bands/DJs. You don’t want to miss a good band or DJ because you didn’t know you liked their music.

- Plan in advance: Try to plan your day in advance, who you want to see, what stages they will be at, what time they start, everything! The more organized you are, the more you see and the more you enjoy the festival.

- Money: Although there will be cash points around the arena, have a look at the question regarding how much money you’ll need (Festival page) and try to take it with you. Cash points always have massive queues and the last thing you want is to queue for a long time to withdraw money.

- Team up: Festivals are always good with lots of friends. The more, the merrier! If you’re not going with a bunch of friends, make sure you go to the Festivalholics' page on Facebook and join the festival event. You can make lots of new friends going to the same festival as you.

2 - What to bring

- Extra outfit: Not sure what clothes to pack? An outfit per day and an extra one is always a good idea.

- Keep yourself warm: It tends to get a bit chilly during the night at some festivals, so make sure you pack something to keep you warm.

- Small backpack: Some people prefer to take a small backpack into the arena with them, to keep their camera, sun cream and ID inside. It’s very important to keep your ID with you at all times. In the US, you will not be allowed to buy alcohol without ID to prove you are 21 or over.

- Hygiene: Baby wipes, dry shampoo, deodorant and toilet paper are some must-haves when you’re at a festival, especially when you’re camping.

- Torch/flashlight: It’s always handy, especially if you’re camping.

- Cameras: Professional cameras are not permitted at festivals.

- Blankets: Blankets to lie on the ground? This is a good thing to have with you, as festivals can be very tiring. Taking some time to rest or to enjoy the sunshine whilst you are eating or watching a gig is definitely enjoyable.

- Phones: Consider taking an old phone. You will be jumping around, maybe drinking alcohol and you don’t want to lose your expensive phone. If you want to take it, then festivals provide phone charging stations throughout the arena and the campsite. The only downside is that you will have to queue for a bit in order to charge it. The queues are always big at phone-charging stations.

- Money belt: A money belt is always a good option to keep your valuables safe. That way, you won’t need to worry about your wallet, ID or your phone during the festival.

- Medicines: Do not forget to pack some medicine! It’s always a good idea to have some tablets for headaches, sore throats, stomach aches and anything else to keep you going!

3 - On the way

- Saving money: People tend to buy drinks and food before going inside the festival. If you’re staying in the campsite, make sure you buy your drinks at a supermarket and take them to your tent or wherever you’re staying. Most people will be drinking before going inside the arena and it’s a great way of saving some money.

4 - Whilst you're there

- Keep yourself hydrated: Festivals are very intense, you’ll be standing and dancing for hours and most of them are in the summer, so you need to make sure you stay hydrated, and make sure you eat regularly to have enough energy to go through the day.

- Food options: There will be lots of food options around the festival: sandwiches, burgers, kebabs, chips, sausages, fish and chips, etc… If you prefer healthy food, don't panic…there’ll be a couple of options for you as well.

- Mini markets: There will be mini markets throughout the festival site and also around the campsite, so if you have forgotten to bring something, don’t worry. They have all sorts of things from toilet paper and sun cream, to blankets and wellies. They will normally charge extortionate prices though, so watch out!

- Starving during the festival: A good thing to do is to take a couple of bottles of water and snacks to wherever you’re staying for the evening. You’ll be glad when you’re hungry later on!

- Stay connected: You will find internet cafe stations with free Wi-Fi at most festivals, ask a member of staff where they are as soon as you arrive.

5 - Staying Clean

- Showers: Showers… most people tend not to shower when they go to a festival, because they don’t want to queue for a long time to have an average, usually cold shower. People tend to use baby wipes, dry shampoo, etc in order to stay "clean". If you think you’ll want to take a shower on a daily basis, you’ll need to wake up very early, before 8am, and may still face small queues for the showers. Showers tend to be free of charge, but even if you do end up paying, it won't be expensive.

- Toilets: Toilets are always cleaner early in the day, so if you want to do your business try to go very early while they are clean..ish! Organizers try to keep them clean during the day as well, but it’s always difficult with so many people. Make sure you take some toilet paper with you.

- VIP Toilets: A few festivals provide what they call "VIP Toilets", They are definitely cleaner and more pleasant than the normal ones! There are festivals that even have a beauty area for girls, but you will have to pay for it.

6 - Safety tips

- First aid: All festivals have a First Aid centre on site. if you have any problems, look for them.

- Lockers: A limited number of lockers to safely store your belongings are available at most festivals. If you would like one, make sure you do this as soon as you arrive at the arena. A few festivals give you the option to book lockers or storage in advance.

- Condom: Be safe!

... and the most important thing:


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