How much are they?

Tickets 2017

4-Day Ticket 

SEK 2690 + 50 fee 


3-Day Ticket 

SEK 2390 + 50 fee


4-Day VIP Ticket with VIP Package - June 8-11

SEK 3990 + 50 fee

Beside the entrance to the festival you will get a Sweden Rock bag with a branded hoody. You will also get access through the VIP entrance, VIP accreditation and entrance to the backstage bar where you can relax with free WiFi and a wide selection of drinks.

1-Day ticket will be released in the spring.

2015 prices

Wednesday: SEK 690 + 50 fee 

Thursday: SEK 1290 + 50 fee

Friday: SEK 1290 + 50 fee

Saturday: SEK 1290 + 50 fee


Parking 1 - This parking space is located only 400 meters from the main entrance. Only 600 spaces are available. You can park your car here from noon on June 6th until 4pm on June 11th.

SEK 400 

Parking 2 - This parking space is located 900 meters from the northern entrance. Only 600 spaces are available. You can park your car here from noon on June 6th until 4pm on June 11th.

SEK 200

Free WiFi and a printed festival programme is included in the price.


How many tickets can I buy?

There is a limit of 10 tickets per person for this event.

Can I buy 1-day tickets?



Do I need to register in advance to buy tickets?



Where can I buy them from?

Check the festival website, it´s always the best and the cheapest option.


When do the tickets go on sale? Do they sell out? If so, when?

The first 2016 tickets went on sale in November 2015.

Sweden Rock Festival tickets tend to sell out very quickly, but we can´t predict what will happen this year, so the best advice is to buy your tickets as soon as possible.


Where do I collect my tickets from?

Your ticket will be sent by email and you will have to exchange it for a wristband at the festival entrance.


How do I get there?

Going by train:

The closest train station is Sölvesborg (10km from the festival).

If you book your ticket in advance, you can get a return ticket from Copenhagen (Kobenhavn H) to Solvesborg for SEK 468 - journey takes 2 hours.


There will be shuttle buses running to the festival from the train station.

Shuttle buses will cost SEK 80 per trip.


Going by plane:

Copenhagen airport is the closest and biggest airport to the festival site.

There are several airlines that fly to Copenhagen from wherever you are in the world. For example, the cheapest flight from London costs around £60 return. The flight takes around 2 hours.

What is the closest city to the festival?

Copenhagen. It´s 150km from the festival.

Please see map below:

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Camping? Hostels? Hotels?

You have a few options for where to stay:


1 - Camping

This is definitely a good way of enjoying the festival from start to finish (yes, you have to take your own tent with you!). Water, shared showers and toilets will be available.


2 - Accommodation packages from the Sweden Rock Festival website:

Sweden Rock Festival gives you the option to book your accommodation through their website, have a look at the options at the link above.


3 - Hotel

A hotel room for 2 people will cost around SEK 2250 for 5 nights.


4 - Couch surfing

This is a hospitality exchange and social networking website. Once you join up, you can search through host´s profiles and look for someone to stay with around the area of the festival, for free!  This can be a really great way to meet people who live locally and get all the best tips.

Check it out:

Food & drink

How much should I expect to spend each day?

It depends on the person, but to give you an idea we´d say around SEK 300 per day should cover your food and drink.

- Water or Soft drink: SEK 25
- Beer:  SEK 49 (330ml), SEK 65 (500ml)
- Wine: SEK 59 per glass
- Vodka: only sold in the VIP area
- Burger: SEK 125 approx

You are only allowed to take food and drink into the campsite but not into the event arena. Avoid glass bottles, as they can be confiscated.

Important information

When does the festival start? What time?

In 2018, the festival will take place from the 6th of June to the 10th of June.

Start: Wednesday 6th June at 3 pm.


Are there any age limits?

Children under 3 are not allowed in the festival area. Children between 4 and 13 get free entrance together with a parent, but they need hearing protection (earmuffs) during concerts. If they don´t use them, they can be sent off from the festival area along with their parents according to Swedish law. Children between 4 and 13 and young people between 14 and 18 need a special wristband which can be picked up at the ticket exchange.

What artists have performed before?

Black Sabbath, Within Temptation, Arch Enemy, Skillet, Kamelot, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Sonata Arctica, Amon Amarth, Rush, Kiss, Paradise Lost, Kreator, Avantasia, Motörhead, Katatonia, Mastodon, Soundgarden, Dimmu Borgir, Sepultura


Is the line-up out?

Check it out:


What´s the average temperature?

It varies, you need to check the weather forecast before leaving and definitely before packing. To give you an idea, you can expect temperatures from around 17 to 24°C.


Do you want to meet other people also going to Sweden Rock?

Festivalholics will create an event for each festival on Facebook. So join the event and get chatting!

Important tips

  • Don´t forget to bring your wellies, everybody will be wearing them...the chance of muddy ground is very likely!
  • Try to find a spot with lots of grass underneath your tent, the more grass you have the softer and better you will sleep.
  • Be very careful where you set up your tent, the location is very important. Make sure you don´t set your tent up in a valley, because if it rains, your tent could easily end up underwater!
  • If you´re camping, try to buy drinks at a supermarket and take them with you to your tent, drinking at your tent is part of the festival warm-up!
  • Make some new friends! It´s always good to be friends with your tent neighbours, not only can you have a good time together, but they will look after your stuff and you can do the same for them!
  • Enjoy yourself like there is no tomorrow!