How much are they?

Daily ticket: 

3 day ticket: €129


How many tickets can I buy?

There´s a limit of 8 tickets per person for this event.

Can I buy 1-day tickets?

Yes, check out the "Tickets" section for more information.


Do I need to register in advance to buy tickets?



Where can I buy them from?

Check the festival website, It´s always the best and the cheapest option.

You can also buy your tickets from:


When do the tickets go on sale? Do they sell out? If so, when?

2016 tickets are already on sale.

NOS Alive tickets tend to sell out very quickly, but we can´t predict what will happen this year, so the best advice is to buy your tickets as soon as possible.


Where do I collect my tickets from?

You can choose from 2 options:

1-     Have the tickets delivered to you.

2-     Collect the tickets at the festival entrance.

Either way, you will need to exchange your ticket for a wristband at the festival entrance.


How do I get there?

Once you´re in Lisbon, you have a few options:

By carris:
15E (Tram - Praça Figueira - Algés) 
723 (Desterro - Algés)
729 (Bº P. Cruz - Algés)
750 (Estação Oriente - Algés)
751 (Campolide - Linda-a-Velha)
201 (Night bus - Cais Sodré - Linda a Velha)

By vimeca (
1 (Alfragide - Algés)
2 (Queluz de Baixo - Algés)
6 (Queluz de Baixo - Algés)
10 (Alfragide - Algés)
12 (Estação Monte Abraão - Algés)
20 (Amadora - Algés)
114 (Amadora - Algés)


By tube:

Schedules and stations info is here:
Get the underground to "Cais Sodré" station. At "Cais Sodré" get the train to "Algés" (all trains stop in "Algés" train station).


Going by car:

- From the airport

Get to "2ª Circular", direction "Benfica", take the exit "Eixo Norte-Sul" going South. Go through "Eixo Norte-Sul", take the exit to "C17", go ahead to "Algés" and take that exit.

      - From the center of Lisbon

Go to "Praça de Espanha", then go to "Avenida de Ceuta" until it ends, in "Alcantara". In "Alcantara" turn to "Avenida da India" and follow that road all the way ("Marginal"). Exit at "Algés".

What is the closest city to the festival?

Lisbon - 10 km/15min from the festival site.

Please see map below:

View Larger Map


Camping? Hostels? Hotels?

You have a few options for where to stay:


1 - Camping

This is definitely a good way of enjoying the festival from start to finish (yes, you have to bring your own tent with you!). Water, shared showers and toilets will be available.


Camping in Lisbon (7th to 09th): €17

Camping in Lisbon (7th to 09th): €23

Camping in Lisbon (7th to 09th): €29


2 - Hotel

A good hotel room for 2 people in Lisbon will cost around €450 for 5 nights.


3 - Hostel

In Lisbon, a room to share will cost around 20 per night.


4 - Couch surfing: This is a hospitality exchange and social networking website. Once you join up, you can search through host´s profiles and look for someone to stay with around the area of the festival, for free!  This can be a really great way to meet people who live locally and get all the best tips. 

Check it out:

Food & drink

How much should I expect to spend each day?

Of course, this depends on the person, but to give you an idea we´d say around €25 per day should cover the cost of your food and drink.

- Bottle of water: €1.50 (330ml)

- Beer (Heineken): 2 (250ml); 3.50 (500ml)

- Juice: 2 (330ml)

- Food: 8 (approx)
You are only allowed to take food and drink into the campsite but not into the event arena. Avoid glass bottles, as they can be confiscated.

Important information

When does the festival start? What time?

In 2018, NOS Alive will take place from the 12th to the 14th of July in Passeio Maritimo de Alges, Lisbon.

If you have a camping ticket from the 11th of July, you´ll be able to get into the camping area from 10am.

Are there any age limits?

Children under 6 years old are NOT permitted. There are no child tickets available so everyone over the age of 6 must have a ticket.


What artists have performed before?

Metallica, The Prodigy, Slipknot, Placebo, Black Eyed Peas, Deadmau5, Pearl Jam, Kasabian, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, The Cure, Radiohead, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Green Day, Kings of Leon


Is the line-up out?

Check it out:

What´s the average temperature?

It varies, you need to check the weather forecast before leaving and definitely before packing. To give you an idea, you can expect temperatures from around 18 to 28°C.


Do you want to meet other people also going to NOS Alive?

Festivalholics will create an event for each festival on Facebook. So join the event and get chatting!

Important tips

  • NOS Alive provides hotel + ticket packages to the festival - for more information click here.
  • You can also buy the 3-day ticket/daily ticket + transport ticket (Bus; Intercities; Cascais route) - for more information click here.
  • There are beaches, nearby cities + lots of other amazing activities you can take advantage of while you are in Lisbon. Check it all out here.
  • You must exchange your 3-day ticket for a wrist band at the entrance. There will be a few "exchange points" around the entrance.
  • The 3-day ticket does not include camping (Lisboa Camping). Please check our "Accommodation" section for more information.
  • If you have a Daily ticket you will not be able to leave the site and come back.
  • If you have a 3-day ticket you will be able to leave the festival site and come back as you please.
  • Your wristband will gain you entrance to the venue. However, your ticket is your proof of purchase and it may be asked for at any time, so carry it with you.
  • Comfortable clothing and a jumper/jacket for the evening are a must.
  • Enjoy yourself like there is no tomorrow!