How much are they?

We still don't have ticket information for 2017.

How many tickets can I buy?

There isn´t a limit.

Can I buy 1-day tickets?

It´s a one-day festival.


Do I need to register in advance to buy tickets?



Where can I buy them from?

Check the festival website, it´s always the best and the cheapest option.


When do the tickets go on sale? Do they sell out? If so, when?

The first tickets will go on sale in July 2017. The tickets haven´t sold out in previous years, but we can´t predict what will happen this year so it´s best to buy your ticket as soon as possible.

Where do I collect my tickets from?

The easiest way is to print your tickets at home.


How do I get there?

You can easily get to Dortmund by train, for example, a ticket from Berlin to Dortmund will cost around €50 and the journey will take around 3hr 30min.

Check out for more information.


Once you´re in Dortmund, you have a few options to get to the festival site:


Free travel:

Your admission ticket gets you free travel on all buses, trams & trains (DB: RE, RB, and S-Bahn, each 2nd class) in the VRR Rhine-Ruhr fare zone. This offer is valid on October 2nd and 3rd 2015. Check out and for more information.

Going by train:

Starting from Dortmund central station:

RB53, RB59, RE 57 - Haltestelle "Signal Iduna Park"
U45, U46, 450 - Haltestelle "Westfalenhallen"

All the information regarding travel by train can be found here: and

What is the closest city to the festival?


Please see map below:

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Camping? Hostels? Hotels?

You have a few options for where to stay (there is no camping at Syndicate):


1 - Hotel

Or alternatively:

A good hotel room for 2 people in Dortmund will cost around €100 for 2 nights.


2 - Hostel

A room to share will cost around 15 per night.


3 - Couch surfing

This is a hospitality exchange and social networking website. Once you join up, you can search through host´s profiles and look for someone to stay with around the area of the festival, for free!  This can be a really great way to meet people who live locally and get all the best tips.

Check it out:

Food & drink

How much should I expect to spend each day?

This depends on the person, but to give you an idea we´d say around €25 per day should cover the cost of your food and drink.

- Soft drinks and alcohol: Between €3 and €4 (approx)

- Food: Between €3 and €6 (approx)

Important information

When does the festival start? What time?

In 2018, Syndicate "Ambassadors in Harder Styles" will take place on the 6th of October in Dortmund. The festival starts at 8pm and finishes at 7am.


Are there any age limits?

There is no admission for anyone under the age of 16.

You will need your passport or some form of ID with you at all times.

What artists have performed before?

BMG, Miss K8, Isaac, Partyraiser x Drokz, The Supreme Team, Korsakoff, Noize Supressor, Nosferatu, A.Paul, Dyprax, Thorax, Nagative Audio, Act of Rage, I:Gor, Amok, Jonathann Cast, MC Tha Watcher, MC Nolz, Andi Teller, Sutura, Khaleesi


Is the line-up out?

Check it out:


What´s the average temperature?

The temperature will be between 15 and 22°C outside, but the festival takes place inside!


Do you want to meet other people also going to Syndicate?

Festivalholics will create an event for each festival on Facebook. So join the event and get chatting!

Important tips

  • With over 40 DJs on 5 floors there´s a lot to see, and a lot of walking to see it, so wear comfortable shoes!
  • Also make sure you get up to the third floor of the "Arena", from there you´ll have an amazing view from a height of 14m down onto the main stage and the mass of dancing people.
  • Enjoy yourself like there is no tomorrow!