How much are they?

- 5-day ticket + camping + shuttle (Saint-Ghislain/Festival):

€155 + booking fee


- 1-day ticket:

Wednesday ticket (camping)

€55 + bf

Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday ticket (camping)

€65  + bf

How many tickets can I buy?

There is a limit of 5 tickets per address and per credit card for this event.

Can I buy 1-day tickets?

Yes, but 1-day tickets will only be available closer to the date of the festival.


Do I need to register in advance to buy tickets?



Where can I buy them from?

Check the festival website, it´s always the best and the cheapest option.


When do the tickets go on sale? Do they sell out? If so, when?

The first 2015 tickets went on sale in December 2014.

Dour Festival tickets tend to sell out very quickly, but we can´t predict what will happen this year, so the best advice is to buy your tickets as soon as possible.

Where do I collect my tickets from?

You can print your tickets at home and exchange them for a wristband at the festival entrance.


How do I get there?

Going by bus:

There is a company which provides buses and runs from lots of cities all over Europe.

As an example, a bus journey from Paris costs €63.


This is the best way to travel - good vibes, new encounters, saving money and reducing CO2 emissions all in one! Dour Festival supports this way of traveling. The first 250 cars with at least 4 passengers* will be granted access to a privileged car park, close to the entrance of the festival, the carDOURing-parking!

*Attention: if you leave the carDOURing-parking during the festival, your spot cannot be guaranteed on your return.

To find passengers or drivers, join the dedicated Facebook page for Carpooling to Dour Festival.

Going by train:

Saint-Ghislain is the nearest station. From this station a shuttle bus drives you to the festival site for free.

As an example, a train journey from Brussels to Saint-Ghislain costs €10.80.


Going by bike:

You can park your bike next to the entrance of the festival.


Going by car:

From the UK:
- After landing in Calais from the Eurotunnel or ferry, get on the A16 towards Dunkerque/Lille.

- Then follow the A16/E40 signposted towards Lille.

- Follow Brussels and then Paris on E19/A7 motorway, exit no. 26 Dour.

- Dour is located near the exit no. 26 on E42 and E19 motorway.

- Then follow the Dour Festival´s road signs in order to make access to the site as easy as possible.

- Parking is available close to the site and is free of charge!

Warning: trailers are not allowed in the parking areas.

Warning: For safety reasons you will not be allowed to leave the parking area with your vehicle before 6pm on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th July!


Going by plane:

From Brussels Airport ( either:

- Take the train to Bruxelles Midi station, then to Saint-Ghislain.

- Or take the train to Mons station, then to Saint-Ghislain.

From Charleroi Airport (Brussels South -

- Take the shuttle to Charleroi-Sud station, then take a second train to Saint-Ghislain station.


From Lille airport (

- Take the shuttle bus to Lille Flandre station, then a train to Tournai station and then a second train to Saint-Ghislain.

There is more information on the SNCB website.

From Wednesday to Monday, a free shuttle bus runs from St Ghislain to the festival site several times a day.

What is the closest city to the festival?

Either Lille or Brussels. Dour Festival is 70km from Lille or 88km from Brussels.

Please see map below:

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Camping? Hostels? Hotels?

You have a few options for where to stay:


1 - Camping

This is definitely a good way of enjoying the festival from start to finish (yes, you have to bring your own tent with you!). There are free toilets, free bin bags, showers which cost €2, free running water, 24/7 medical services (doctors, nurses, ambulances, medication?), a kitchen zone with "cooking islands", a bakery, other shops, bars and a recycling zone (with sorting bins).

The campsite will open on Wednesday 15th July at noon. You must leave the campsite by Monday 20th July at noon.

2 - Camping + Festivalhut
Do you think that sleeping in a tent at festivals is just not for you anymore? Do you wish you could have a comfy bed to rest in during the 5 days of Dour? Well check out this link for more info:


3 - Hotel

A good hotel room for 2 people in Mons, a nearby city, will cost around 80 per night.


4 - Hostel

A room to share in Mons will cost around €20 per night.


5 - Couch surfing

This is a hospitality exchange and social networking website. Once you join up, you can search through host´s profiles and look for someone to stay with around the area of the festival, for free!  This can be a really great way to meet people who live locally and get all the best tips.

Check it out:

Food & drink

How much should I expect to spend each day?

Of course, this depends on the person, but to give you an idea we´d say around €20 per day should cover the cost of your food and drink.

- Bottle of water: €2.5 (approx)

- Soft drink: €2.5 (approx)

- Beer: €2.5 (approx)

- Food: between €2.5 & €12 (approx)

You are only allowed to take food and drink into the campsite but not into the event arena. Avoid glass bottles, as they can be confiscated.

Important information

When does the festival start? What time?

In 2018, Dour Festival will take place from the 11th July to the 15th July.

The campsite will open on Wednesday 11th July at noon. You must leave the campsite by Monday 16th July at noon.


Are there any age limits?

Not officially, you´re welcome to bring your kids along, entrance is free for children under 12. However, Dour Festival doesn´t recommend bringing young children along for long periods of time.

What artists have performed before?

Within Temptation; Phoenix; Mogwai; Kaiser Chiefs; Bonobo; The Hives; Klaxons; Maxïmo Park; Cypress Hill; Blonde Redhead; The Smashing Pumpkins; Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Pendulum; Devendra Banhart; Franz Ferdinand; Bon Iver; The Flaming Lips


Is the line-up out?

Check it out:

What´s the average temperature?

It varies, you need to check the weather forecast before leaving and definitely before packing. To give you an idea, you can expect temperatures from around 22 to 32°C.


Do you want to meet other people also going to Dour?

Festivalholics will create an event for each festival on Facebook. So join the event and get chatting!

Important tips

  • Be prepared for all weather conditions, if it´s hot, it´s really hot, and if it´s rainy, it´s really rainy!
  • Make sure to visit the "bar au petit bois", a peaceful little spot in amongst all the music.
  • Don´t be scared if you hear a lot of "DOUUUUREEUUUUH", everyone does it, and so should you!
  • Enjoy yourself like there is no tomorrow!